Greetings Pilots!

I am filled with great joy and quite enthused to be of service as your Governor for the 2020-2021 Pilot Year!

Although this past Pilot year has been a traumatic and most demanding one, we were able to rise above the difficulties and finish strong – not as individuals but as a TEAM (Together Each Achieving More)! As we continue our Pilot journey into our 99th year of existence, let us walk, maintaining a keen focus on our motto "True Course Ever".

An unknown author once said, "We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other.” As a team - united, energetic and filled with purpose; let us forge ahead, committed to extending a helping hand to others while creating stronger bonds of friendship and love.

I pledge to work hand in hand with all of you; exemplifying the ideals and principles outlined in our Code of Ethics while sowing seeds of friendship and service with passion. This will indeed ensure that Pilot continues to thrive for another 100 years!

May God continue to bless the work of our hands and keep us safe and healthy as we journey through this year. Pilots, may we always strive to Do more, Care more and Be more because Service is the Essence of Pilot!

My vision for The Bahamas District of Pilot International is as follows:

I would like to...

  • Embrace and utilize more technology within the District.
  • Actively advance the work of Pilot and continue to improve upon the visibility of the District.
  • Encourage the “Spirit of Friendship and Service” in our Clubs through more joint District events.
  • Vigorously promote the BrainMinders and Pick Me Up Programs throughout the District.
  • Create an incentive program to encourage new membership.
  • Develop at least one fund raiser to ensure the financial stability of the District.

I pray that we can collectively serve all, especially the less fortunate in our community, share, bond and learn from each other as we continue to chart a true course to make the District the Best it can be; always being mindful that Service is the Essence of Pilot.

District Administrative Council


Tiffany Glass

Pilot Club of Nassau

Governor Elect

Karen Ferguson

Pilot Club of Lucaya


Dorian Cox

Sunshine Pilot Club


Asenath Cartwright

Pilot Club of Nassau