Brain Safety & Health

Since 1992, Pilot International has worked in the area of brain related service and has narrowed its focus to Brain Safety & Health.Since 1994, Pilot International has proudly worked in various aspects of brain-related service. In 2013, Pilot formally narrowed this service focus to Encouraging Brain Safety and Health as the majority of our clubs’ work centers in this area. Grass-roots, local safety-related initiatives are the heart of Pilot International’s Brain and Safety Fitness service mission and are championed by Pilot and Anchor worldwide. Pilot Club participate in their community’s local safety fairs and often host bike rodeos where club members have the opportunity to present BrainMinder ™ and discuss the importance of brain safety with participating children. Some clubs also present each attendee with a free, new bike helmet, often provided through matching grant funds from the Pilot International Founders Fund or through donations or grants from major corporations

What is BrainMinders™ ?
BrainMinders™ is Pilot International’s signature program originally designed in 2001 to teach safety to children to help prevent brain injuries. It was made possible through an in-kind grant given to Pilot International Foundation and a gift from the estate of CallyeHarrell Neese. Realizing the need to teach brain injury prevention to people of all ages, Pilots have expanded the program to include presentations for youth and seniors.

In 2013, Pilot International introduced the “Pick Me Ups” initiative for Family Caregivers.
Pilot International and its members are called to CARE MORE. At its core, Pilot International is an organization that CARES. Pilot International is also proud of our multi-generational membership and our dedication to Friendship and Service. In essence, Pilot is a family, and we celebrate families. We are a family that cares- for each other, for our communities and for our world.